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Manufacturing the highest quality,
heavy duty cooling products that
exceed our customers’ expectations
every day, in a variety of industries,
all around the world.

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All of our cooling packages are
inspected for Form, Fit and
Function through a rigorous test
schedule to achieve a drop-in
aftermarket replacement.

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We supply heavy duty aluminum
heat exchangers for Agriculture,
Earthmoving, Forestry, Hydraulics,
Oil-Gas Exploration, Power Gen
applications to name a few.

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Whether your requirements are for
TIG or MIG Welding, Laser Cutting,
Bending, we welcome your inquiry
and look forward to offering
competitive pricing.

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We build Gen Set Cooling Packages
in aluminum for Tier 2, 3, 4 and 5
capabilities. In older applications we
build replacements in copper/brass
cores with steel tanks.

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Our engineering team is experienced,
knowledgeable and await the
opportunity to collaborate with you
in designing a cooling package to fit
your every need.

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Our knowledgeable division managers
are ready to answer your questions,
as well as guide you in selecting the
best solutions to fulfill your part
and service needs.

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Our team of professionals have a
combined experience of over
100 years. We encourage you to
contact on of our sales team to
discuss your next project.

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We promise to promptly respond
to every phone call, message
and email. Contact us today for
all of your cooling product
needs and inquiries.

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Five (5) year leak free warranty.
Bar & plate design to eliminate tube
to header failures. 100% leak free
for increased power performance
and fuel savings.

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