We are thrilled to welcome Prasenjit Ray (“Ray”) as the new General Manager of Cincinnati Radiator (CR) and Ohio Heat Transfer (OHT).  A skilled engineer and tenured business leader, Ray has a breadth of experience in both startups, and established companies, that maintained manufacturing expertise across a variety of applications and end markets. 


Ray has a degree in Electrical Engineering from North Bengal University and an MBA in Finance from Kolkata University.  He is a lifelong learner having completed his formal training at the Technical University of Munich in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, as well as various certificate programs from the University of Maryland, New York Institute of Finance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University and Harvard University. 


From a managerial standpoint, Ray has a proven track record of successfully navigating, and positively impacting, the people, processes and technology necessary to drive strong financial and operational results within the companies he previously worked.  Ray, too, believes in the imminent growth of CR and OHT, and we look forward to supporting him and his efforts.


Ray: “I am excited to work alongside a group of determined folks here in Fairfield and St. Clairsville, Ohio. The future is bright, and we remain dedicated to growing the business to serve as a strong resource for our loyal customer base.”


LDR Growth Partners (LDR): “We are extremely excited to work with Ray over the next phase of CR and OHT’s growth. Ray has already implemented several key initiatives that highlighted various growth opportunities within both companies. We are impressed with Ray’s ability to quickly listen, analyze and act, which we know will positively contribute to the people and processes at CR and OHT into the future.”



Before being acquired by LDR in August 2022, Cincinnati Radiator (CR) was founded in 1994 and Ohio Heat Transfer (OHT) in 2003 by an entrepreneurial family team led by Mark and Phyllis Epure. Both organizations operate across two locations in the Greater Cincinnati and Columbus areas (Fairfield and St. Clairsville) and serve major industrial OEM customers. Each business holds a strong reputation for high-quality manufacturing of custom heat exchangers and radiators for application in the infrastructure and transportation markets.